AS4EDI project

AS4EDI2020 project near completion

The goal of AS4EDI2020 was to upgrade eDelivery solutions (Access Points), thereby making eDelivery more available to trading entities in both the public and the private sector across Europe. With an increased use of such infrastructures, the exchange of business documents between trading entities becomes more reliable, more efficient, and more secure.

The focus of the project was to add and improve support for the CEF AS4 Profile. Using standards such as AS4 lowers the technical barriers for entry, and thus improves access to international trade.

Within the scope of this project, Ionite has developed a entirely new AS4 implementation to use for our access point (ion-AS4), as well as our other document exchange services, and implemented seamless integration with our existing Service Metadata Publication (SMP) service, ion-SMP.

The AS4 implementation supports the Peppol AS4 Profile for dynamic AS4 connections on the Peppol Network, as well as the CEF AS4 Profile (1.15) for direct AS4 connections.

The implementation has been tested for conformance with the CEF connectivity & conformance tests, and for interoperability through direct exchange tests with a number of the AS4EDI2020 partners.

The implementation is now in use for our pilot access point (ion-AP) and our access point testing service (the Peppol Test Tool).

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