Ionite AS4EDI2020 project update

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Ionite has completed the first version of our AS4 implementation as part of the AS4EDI2020 project.

AS4EDI2020 at Ionite

In the AS4EDI2020 project, Ionite is developing a new AS4 implementation for use with our access point software. This includes readers and writers for MIME, eBMS, SOAP and WSSe, as well as AS4-specific integrations for our Access Point controller and SMP software. The end goal is to have native AS4 support in all our EDI instances.

The first version of our software is now finished, and we are currently undergoing testing (CEF connectivity tests and CEF conformance tests). These tests serve to make sure our solution is fully featured regarding the CEF AS4 profile, and interoperable with other solutions.

After our software has passed conformance testing, the next step is to integrate it in our public testing services for further interoperability tests, followed by deployment on our production services.

Once complete, all of our current and future users can benefit from the improved security and stability AS4 provides for business document exchange.

More information on AS4EDI2020

The goal of AS4EDI2020 is to upgrade eDelivery solutions (Access Points), thereby making eDelivery more available to trading entities in both the public and the private sector across Europe. With an increased use of such infrastructures, the exchange of business documents between trading entities becomes more reliable, more efficient, and more secure.

The focus of the project is to add and improve support for the CEF AS4 Profile. Using standards such as AS4 lowers the technical barriers for entry, and thus improves access to international trade.

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With this new AS4 implementation, our document delivery service will be more secure and stable, and our testing service can provide more features for testing other AS4 access points.

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This project is co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union, under action number is 2020-EU-IA-0024.

Co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union

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